Qualified Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for CPA's is typically regulated by your State's Board of Accountancy. Course sponsors often must register with those boards and course materials must meet standards as recommended by the AICPA and as adopted by the various states. In addition, pre-regristration and attendence must be monitored by the sponsors, examinations passed, credit issued, and other records kept.

For self-study courses, typically two hours must be spent for each hour of CPE credit. For interactive CPE and attendence type CPE, one hour equals one hour. (More precicely, 50 minutes equals an hour of credit.)

This site is NOT at present a qualified sponsor in any State and does NOT at present offer qualified courses for credit.

So what's it here for??

What we hope to do here is to offer short conceptual courses to help get an understanding of issues and solutions to the technical problems encountered in the day to day practice of CPAs.

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